Our Philosophy

Lovingly prepared from scratch each morning, our dishes are created with care and good conscience…We favourfree-range over factory farmed. We opt for organic over mass market and low fat & lean over calorie laden. At Panakuk, even our “naughty” is nice!

Feel Good Food

Take our famous fluffy pancakes: our secret recipe contains just 1/5th the amount of oil used in normal batter. Our mince is virtually fat free. Even our famous Baked Vanilla Bean and Lemon Cheesecake worships the waistline, using just a 1/4 cup of sugar in the whole cake, but with real Phildelphia Cream Cheese of course! Indeed, there’s only one instance when ‘full-cream’ is ‘fully acceptable’ at Panakuk, and that’s when it comes to our ice cream!

Ethical Eating

Panakuk’s 100% natural fare tastes the way good food should! As a socially responsible company we only use:

  • the finest certified organic coffee
  • traditional stone-ground flour packed with goodness (no additives or preservatives)
  • the leanest free-range meat (3% virtually fat-free)
  • skinless, free range chicken breasts
  • organic, free range eggs
  • hormone-free low-fat milk
  • locally sourced fresh fruit and veggies that are organically or biologically grown
  • organic wine
  • Knysna’s own preservative-free beer


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