île de païn

Chef Liezie Mulder and Artisan Baker Markus Färbinger have created together with their team, the unique culinary landscape that is île de païn (“island of bread”). Their shared vision culminated in the opening of the bakery & café (with its wood fired oven, in the family tradition dating back to 1700) on Thesen Islands in Knysna, over a decade ago….

Liezie on cooking (excerpt from her book “Café Food”)…

We love food. Food is happiness. Food is part of everything we do. The food at ile de pian is simple, honest, fun and really flavorful and fresh. The food at idp is uncomplicated and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is made with love and integrity, by using the best ingredients that we can find.  We cook food that we like to eat.  Food you can eat every day.

Our breakfasts feature what our region has to offer. Everything is made in-house except what we receive from  our farmers and small producers who have been chosen carefully. They are an integral part in sharing our love of food with our guests. From a complete breakfast dish such as a truffled mushroom hash to a flaky croissant. From a simple cappuccino to a specialty mocca – we urge you to explore.

Our lunch ranges from a superb duck confit or an exquisite burger to a mezze plate perfect for sharing as an appetizer or for something in-between. We have also many interesting dishes for the vegetarian and alternative taste.

Beverages come in the form of a freshly squeezed juice, a tangy lemonade with sparkling water to well chosen beer and some of the best every-day wines that the market produces. Each picked for their quality and value, never for the label.

Our team has been with us, many of them since the beginning. We have watched them grow up,  like the children of the many guests they have hosted over the years. We are grateful to have them with us.

Ile de pain is the first artisan, wood fired oven bakery in South Africa. Reviving a tradition that started on this very continent about 7000 years ago. It is a time-honored tradition.
The baker uses time to coax the best out of the natural ingredients to produce not only a delicious but also nutritious food, through slow fermentation and long rising of the mixed ingredients.
We offer a wide selection of breads. Some favorites are the crispy nutty baguette, the bold Companio, which is a wheat and rye sourdough or one of our specialty breads such as the Rye (yes, it is 100%) or Vollkorn bread. The specialty breads both utilize several doughs to make up complex bread in the northern European tradition.

The same philosophy holds true for all the food and beverage offerings at ile de pain. Our rustic but yet refined desserts are varied, balanced and delicate there is something for everyone whether you fancy something fruity, creamy or chocolaty. From a simple chocolate chip cookie made with the best chocolate on earth to a delicate, multi-layered experience in our Coconut Dacquoise, you will come back for more…

The lack of quality chocolate available in South Africa forced us to venture out to find the best chocolate in the world. With Felchlin in Switzerland we found a partner who shares the same philosophy about producing quality product and business ethics.
Our chocolate does not need any further explanation. Taste for yourself and ask questions when you come in. We have 500 g bars (for the serious chocolate lover and fanatic home baker) to smaller specialty items for a luxurious treat.

île de païn

Wood oven artisan bakery
Specialty coffee and beverages
Breakfast and Lunch
Exclusive retail and take-away products
Mon closed; Tue – Sat : 8-3pm; Sun 9-1:30 pm

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