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The evolution of human settlement patterns and Property Development are inseparable. The challenge faced by land-owners,
development facilitators and the authorities is one of balance: achieving the Triple Bottom Line of social, economic & ecological integration and sustainability.

With more than 25 years of experience, supported by a highly specialised team of consultants, CMAI successfully applies its unique development, project planning and design co-ordination process. Through multi-faceted large scale projects in environmentally sensitive areas we create livable and walkable communities where strangers become neighbours, and neighbours become friends.

As specialists in developments along the coastal belt, sustainable community planning and architectural design, our core services include:

Identifying the development potential of small & large land holdings, as well as coordinating & securing development &
environmental approvals
Environmental design and Master Planning
Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Ecological design
Project Coordination, Management and Implementation of the project
Leaders in urban agriculture, New Ruralism and New Urbanism
CMAI’s strength lies in the fact that we offer an all-round service from the largest to the smallest detail scale.

Master Planning
Through the application of our progressive cyclical design process, the vision of the client and the inherent potential of the land are integrated and refined to achieve optimised financial, socio-economic and environmental benefits.
Guiding principles or “values” are agreed with the client and the full professional team to guide direction and commonality of purpose. The interests of the developer, the professional team and the community are balanced through participative decision-making.

Urban Design
Our approach to design reflects our lifestyle values and the social forces impacting on the built environment. We believe in the principles of walkable communities and the re-establishment of “traditional neigbourhoods” where people may live, work and play in close proximity.
Application of “The Smart Code” enables integration of zoning, urban design and architectural standards into one unified philosophy.

Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Innovation and a sensitive approach to design are employed to create a unique type of Architecture that is carefully integrated into its surroundings.

A committed team with a wide field of expertise and a firm knowledge base creates projects that are refreshingly contextual. We believe in a sensitive response to the unique tastes of every client, integrity of form and function and a fresh approach to challenge convention.
From large-scale developments to commissions from individual clients, CMAI delivers the solution by integrating the input from its diverse skills base.

Project Co-Ordination and Management
Our ability to bring a project to market in the least possible time, results in reduced land holding costs and saves clients money.
By securing development rights, completing the master planning and urban design, and integrating the appropriate architectural response, demands, experience, skilled resources and a commitment to succeed, we have the team, the skills and the track record to turn your development vision into commercial reality.

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