Set in the Heart of the Garden Route, we offer Metaphysical Soulcology Counselling and Retreats to those who would like to take a spiritual look at changing their life. Working with dis-ease of the body, the trials and tribulations of living and methods to change any area you are stuck in.Soulcology is a new alternative form of counseling for people, who don´t feel that priests, doctors, coaches or psychotherapists can offer them enough help concerning their spiritual/existential questions and problems/challenges in and around their life. Soulcology counseling is a unique blend of communication, intuition which puts the soul back into the study of the self.

Our Modern world is challenging for women: not only are we expected to be it all, but we also demand it of ourselves! Now you can take some time out to explore who you really are, why you are here, and how your inner energy systems are designed to bring you all that is needed in and around your life. From financial problems, relationship problems, health issues to just taking some time out to begin questioning one’s life.
We offer accommodation either in the luxury Lofts Hotel, located on the lagoon at Thesens Island, surrounded by water, night life, and the attractions of Knysna, or in tranquil forest self catering cabins with forest trails and a private river. As women learn to live true to their core essence of Self– tuning in to what really matters– they will awaken to their gifts, passions and authentic power. Through these awakenings women will bring an activated presence to their actions which in turn will not only change their life but contribute to the healing of the planet.
The main question of life is in its essence philosophical: Who am I? By spending time, either on one of our Retreat Packages or through booking some life coaching sessions, we will take you through the intricate workings of YOU. We will show you how to gain control over your own destiny; and how to change any part of your life that is not working for you. It is the belief systems within that will imprison individuals and prevent them from being able to move forward in life. Tension in one area of the anatomy creates imbalance throughout the whole body. Mind energy is second in intensity to that of the life force that maintains life. So what humans think so they are, and when emotions are involved, results in their reality.

We are each individual, and what works for one can differ for another. During your time with us, we will look at the Health of your mind, body and soul. The average person goes through life on automatic pilot using their subconscious mind without the conscious mind being involved. The subconscious mind is a feeling mind but cannot reason out so it can create fears, worries and all negative scenarios. This means that the person is not connected to their soul, and so the soul cannot guide this person through the necessary experiences to grow spiritually.Soulcology Counselling can help you recognize your own wisdom and act on that information in order for you to be fully empowered in this stage of your life. Life is a duality, negative and positive; yang and yin; masculine and feminine; So `sin` is only the mistakes we make and when we do not learn our lessons then we are bound to suffer until we do things right. I will help you tap into this fantastic energy so that you will move to the next level of personal and professional satisfaction. I will help you see things that you haven’t been able to recognize on your own.
Our package includes Metaphysical workshops and private sessions, health analysis a variety of body treatments which will be tailored to suit your needs. Example of these, Swedish massage, Meridian Shiatsu, reflexology and Reiki massage to name a few.

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